We develop a plan to get you where you want to be by setting goals, addressing your nutrition, and identifying individual areas of your swallowing function that need to be addressed either by strength, speed, or coordination training.

Strength, speed, and/or coordination training related to difficulties managing food and/or liquid in the oral or pharyngeal phase of the swallow. Compensatory strategies and specialized diet management can be essential to this level of dysphagia recovery.
woman holding throat with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia
Woman holding throat with Esophageal Dysphagia
Medical intervention will likely need to be initiated prior to working with Dysphagia Duo in order to have proper diagnosis. This area of dysphagia therapy will require compensatory strategies in addition to specialized diet trials.
“Fear of Swallowing” - Patience, understanding, and a lot of education and trials is the key to treating phagophobia. Diet trials, sensory re-integration and exposure therapy are some of the tools that Dysphagia Duo will use to treat this very overwhelming condition.
Woman staring at plate with single broccoli scared to eat
Woman holding throat with muscle tension dysphagia
The muscles of swallowing are many and small. Identification, education, relaxation modules, un-learning old patterns, and re- learning new patterns are the key to success in this type of dysphagia.
Good nutrition is key! Ensuring you're getting enough nutrition into your body is extremely difficult with a swallowing disorder. We manage swallowing and nutrition in tandem to ensure your nutritional intake allows your body to function at an optimal level​.
Person on scale noticing weight loss
woman disapointed by doctor diagnosis
Most traditional healthcare professionals will tell you that it is “all in your head” and that “you should be able to go home and eat” using this catch-all diagnosis. We will systematically break down your swallowing functions along with nutritional alterations, sensory awareness training, and mindset focus to work through your condition.